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What I want to talk to you about today, is about general common challenges to work with the VA, either you or maybe someone around you, who had similar experience before.


We cannot work on all the tasks ourselves. Having an extra hand on projects is essential to our business growth. And we can’t deny the fact that having a Virtual Assistant will take us to the next level of our businesses while we can focus on our genius.


But’s let us also be realistic that there are times when our VA seems to be the stumbling block to reach our business goals. There are these general common challenges that we are or may experience with our VAs – and know what to do next.


1. Limited Skill Sets

Managing a business no matter how small or big involves admin, marketing, leads generation, accounting, IT-related, and all different tasks.

You are lucky enough to have a VA who can help you with a few of these. Not all VAs can perform multiple tasks. This can also mean that we need to have one VA to work on a specific area and an extra one or two for another task. And it’s an extra burden for the business – especially for those who are just starting.


2. Giving the Message/ Instructions

Communication is important in working with VAs. Since you are not seeing face-to-face, mostly we give messages or instructions via chat, e-mail, or, a call. There are chances that we were not able to communicate well with them and as a result, our expectations with the result were not met. Our VAs are waiting for clear instructions from us.

As per John Maxwell, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. On this common problem we encounter with VAs, we need to successfully lay the right message and instructions to get what we really want.

We kind of need to translate the message a little bit, to make sure the VA gets a correct message, to act upon our request.


3. Turnovers

When we are working with a VA, things go smoothly at the beginning. But then, issues are coming. Like there are family issues, they need to change shifts, and this and that which sometimes is not working on our end. And all different kinds of training you provided to them has gone in vain.


I believe that you will agree with these three common challenges that we faced or maybe facing working with our VAs.

But I have good news for you. We understand what you are going through so we have worked out a solution to help you RESOLVE all of them. Yes, you read it right.


1. We provide a team of VAs with multiple skill sets.

2. We can translate or modify your message or instructions into their language to make sure that your concerns are being addressed.

3. We can train the staff and then deal with internal turnover automatically.


I know you are interested to know more so please click this link. Let’s have a chat and let us figure out some solution for you.

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