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Staying at home out of the normal has given us the opportunity to explore our potentials. Potentials on ourselves, our clients and our employees.


I was surprised when I found out that there are a lot of things that I can do that I haven’t discovered until this pandemic happened. People who are achievers and explorers like me went out of our comfort zones and find our way on how to thrive and survive this situation that we are in. We took advantage of the enormous time we had which was brought by the situation to learn new skills and explore new areas of expertise. And we come to realize that we have hidden potentials that can still be cultivated and developed.


The second thing that came to my realization is that our clients have their potential too. And we have to give them a chance to explore their potentials. One thing that we should start doing is not to remain as order takers. We should know our clients at a personal level so we can dig deeper and provide the service they need, not just what they want. We can start by asking probing questions, knowing how their business runs, or knowing what their pain points are. Getting to know our clients at a personal level will not just give us the chance to target their business needs but also their personal needs that are within our control. By doing this, we will be able to provide more valuable service to them and they will definitely stay with us even without asking them to do so. This reminded me of what President Theodore Roosevelt once said that, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


The third area that I thought of was about our employees. Most of the time, we are limiting ourselves and our employees to provide us the possible service they can give us by focusing only on the skills that they wrote on their resume or the job description they had on their previous jobs. But we are missing to give them the chance to explore their potential and discover their hidden skills. We need to take the chance to provide them more on their plate and see whether they can do it or not. However, we should also be careful with giving them new tasks especially if we think that it is too risky or will waste too much of both of our time and effort. One good tip that I could share you on this is to ask yourself whether your employee gets it, wants it and has the capacity to do it. But let us be careful in answering the third question, whether the employee has the capacity to do it, may mean do they already have the skills? Or are they willing to learn new skills in order to fulfill the new task assigned to them?


I hope I was able to share to you my insights about exploring the potential not just within ourselves, our clients, our employees and the people around us. Remember, every day is a learning experience, and life is a lesson to learn.