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– Peter runs a business in coaching for Engineering and Construction field and helps startup businesses as well as established organizations for their bids and projects. He coaches people who want to become high performing teams and want to improve their performance in the same industry. He does the coaching through online or face-to-face. Due to covid-19, one of his challenges is about how to build personal relationship. Since personal relationship is built through face-to-face contact or through his emails, he thought that building relationship remotely is a bit tricky and challenging. Also, his time is mostly used in producing his articles and coaching for projects, therefore missing some opportunity in building that relationship with his potential clients.


B.The journey with us

– When Peter approached Joanna, his first request was to get to see more clients by automating certain booking system. He believed that his business still has got potential and has not reached its full capacity yet. He knows that there is an opportunity to expand his business more. However, since Peter was used to do everything for his business, he was challenged in figuring out what was really important for him to be doing and what is that he could actually get assistance from others in doing. And the process of getting that assistance took some time and effort and some changes to his head space. He felt that he had things set out pretty much all he could do everything, so he needed to make some changes to his process to enable others to assist him.


C.Reveal the “after” transformation.

– With the automated booking assistance and LinkedIn campaign that Joanna and her team created for Peter, everything is now more organized. The pandemic on the other hand, did something good for Peter for he now saves a lot of time, not being away on the road, meeting people for a face to face meeting. He embraced the innovative way of communicating through Zoom and Teams. More importantly, he can now focus on his expertise – which is to write articles. Peter writes his major article and Joanna leverage their resources and get more leads which helped Peter’s audience to grow more. Because of this, Peter get the privilege to personally respond to his clients on LinkedIn. A win-win situation for Peter as it helps him to build personal relationship with his clients and at the same time, get an idea about what to write next and is also looking into making a book out of it.


– The best part? Peter is now able to present to people what he is good at so clients can now better understand what he does and ends up wanting what he is offering.


“I was very satisfied over time with how that process has worked out which has given me a good indication of how I might be able to further my business going forward.” – Peter