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Shikha is a digital marketer and she helps to empower business owners to track their ideal client and grow their business. Her expertise is into doing digital marketing strategies – right before the development takes place, and she also holds web-related workshops through regular face-to-face and online sessions. Shikha is so passionate with the things she do best and she can’t deny the fact that it takes a lot of her time to unleash what her clients need. She asks her clients series of questions in order to produce a clear picture of the right digital marketing strategy for them.


B. Journey with us

At first, Shikha thought that she was getting by and was okay. She was doing everything but not anything very well – she knew that her process is broken, not effective, and worst, not giving good results that she really wanted to see. She was running away from what was needed to be done in order to grow her business. She has a lot of things she wanted to do and her time was very limited. She knew that she needs marketing as much as she needs to take care of her clients.


C.Reveal the “after” transformation.

When Shikha finally delegated some of her marketing tasks to our experts, she realized how much time she still have for her clients. She was able to do so much more when she was not ready to let go of stuff. Within a couple of weeks, she was able to re-energize her business, became less stressed, and focus more on what’s important to her.


What Shikha appreciates is that she can plan ahead with us in a very frequent basis.  She loves the collaboration, the planning and that Operations Genius team is not just an order taker but a strategic business partner.


“We need to wear all these different hats in one go but we can’t be an expert in every field. We need to find that thing that we have a super power in, focus on that but leave everything else to the other experts and then learn from them.” – Shikha