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When launching a project or completing a task, one of the challenges a business owner faces is how to keep the business running even when not around.


Some people find it hard on how and where to start to ensure a flawless and continuous workflow. As we help various clients to have more time for their business and themselves, we would like to share with you 3 simple steps on how to establish a systemized procedure.


STRUCTURE THE FRAMEWORK FIRST. Do not worry about a lot of things too much. Stick to the foundation of the project. It doesn’t matter how simple your beginnings maybe because, at the end of the day, your VA’s will be able to contribute and be creative enough to fill in the spaces.


CONTROL C, CONTROL V. Never forget the simplest trick of all times – copy and paste. What’s important is that there is something that can be worked on at the start. Collect anything that you can at the start of the project – don’t stress yourself with some other things just yet. What’s important is that you were able to lay the foundations first.


DON’T GO AFTER PERFECTION. Any project will have its flaws and imperfection. It will be an unending revision and modification of tasks if you go after perfection and you’ll never finish a thing. Give yourself a chance to complete a project by enhancing each member’s contribution as you go along the way. You’ll be surprised how creative your VA’s are!


We hope that we were able to share with you some useful tricks on how to start a systematic process in running a project or launching an important event in your business.