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We always here people say, “Be the best version of yourself”. But what have you done so far to outdo yourself?

To keep your motivation and not to lose track is to make sure that you keep yourself focused on your goal. The goal isn’t to be the best everyday, the goal is to outdo your competition. And your competition is yourself.

Simon Sinek had his speech in the past about how to outdo yourself. After watching his video, I have got 3 takeaways from it

Focus on Your Journey, Not Just the Results

Becoming better than what you are previously doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient. Try to look at what you were before, like 5 years ago and see how you have improved now.

Advancement is more Important than Comparison

Remember, a progress is still a progress however small it may be. It will also help you keep your motivation to become better everyday if you know that you have improved a lot. Many business right now are starting up and are mostly alike. It won’t do you any good if you keep on comparing your business to others, instead focus on what have you become and what improvements were made since day one of your business.

Know your “Why” to Keep Inspired

When you are tired and burnt out, don’t forget to look at the reason why you started in the first place. It will help you move forward and keep your eyes on the goal. Never lose focus, understand and know your why.