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Trevor Russell is a sales strategist, trainer, coach and a speaker from Australia who helps business owners attract more paying clients and grow their revenue. He helps them to really understand how they can improve their skills and systems around selling their products and services, converting leads into happy paying clients.

He also developed the process called “The 7 Pillar Business Course Sell System”, which helps bring structure to the whole sales process and strategy within any business. He works with digital marketers, accountants, beauticians and even trained psychologists. 

For him to expand his business and help more people, he needed help to complete his back office stuff. He admitted that the challenge for business owners like him is that they need to do a lot of things but there’s not enough time. 

“It’s critical to know what you’re good at and know which area you need help about.”

— Trevor Russell

He realized that outsourcing some tasks would really help in order to do some other important things. He then decided to focus on one particular area. He believes that is critically important to put all his attention to what he is good at so as to give him the highest possible return for his energy.

Joanna’s team entered the scene and helped Trevor’s team with their back-office tasks. Trevor was so impressed with the Operations Genius’ thoroughness. He stands that It’s critical to know what you’re good at and know which area you need help about. He also added, “Focus on your genius, do what you do that you’re good at and delegate the things you are not in order to maximize your time.”