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Michael runs a company called Teamscal. They help people run and grow their small businesses to become medium to large businesses. Most of the time, these businesses grow exponentially but fails to keep the technology behind them get along with the growth. What they do is give these businesses advice and let them understand what their needs are. Most businesses don’t know that they are missing something especially when things are going well, without realizing that there is much more to do and maximize their growth potential. They are trying to loosen their enterprise thinking and give them a bit more fluidity on how they can scale by using the software as service solutions or cloud-based solutions.

There are several services out there that can free up some of your time and you can think about using your genius to make sure that you are able to connect with the clients that you need. You get extra hours every day, even an hour or two in a day or in a week is still precious and time is something you can’t get enough of, when it’s gone, it’s gone.


Normally, their clients would come to them because they have a particular pain point and they try to relieve that pain first because often they can’t see past that and they can’t get into the point that they can’t work strategically. A lot of what Michael do is not technology and this is one of the challenges that they have. His team is very broad in knowledge and covers things like budgeting and accounting. What they are struggling with is the things that would help them promote themselves and help them be more informative to their clients and prospects. They are good at sitting around at the whiteboard and thinking about what the possible solution might be for the client but they are not so good in those process-oriented tasks and is not one of their fortes.


Joanna’s team helped Michael’s team put those processes in place so that they know what is happening and they can monitor their prospects through the last cycle. They’ve worked with a lot of companies and BPOs, but what made Michael excited about working with Operations Genius is that they have the right people on board and that gives him the confidence to hand the tasks over to the Operations Genius team. What he doesn’t want to be doing is thinking about some stuff that others could do for him. He wants to be waking up in the morning excited about a solution that he has managed to come up with a client rather than worrying about his Facebook generating traffic.