“Us” is About You

Partners to help you Focus on Your Genius

At The Operations Genius, our mission and passion is to help you to explore and focus on your genius, so you can do the things you love to do and put energy back to your life and business. How do we achieve that? Find out below how the magic works…

The Operations Genius is a 100% Australian owned business. We have a team of VA partners working in the Philippines.

Meet our Founder:

Joanna Zhang

Joanna Zhang is a Virtual Back office Liberator as she helps established and growing entrepreneurs to focus on their own genius and delegate other operational tasks to a support team and see their business scale up.

She used to be a financial planner and was in that field over 10 years with extensive experience of supporting senior advisers.

Since she started her own business to structure and lead a team, she had personally experienced a lot of hurdles and challenges to hire, train, handle turn overs and manage the team. Eventually she started her own star team. She then realised that many entrepreneurs are in a similar situation of wanting to scale up their business but have limited budget to have a fully functioning support team.

She then started to think of sharing her team of resources with like-minded business owners as she offers to hold their hands as a valued partner going through the business journey of scaling up.

Joanna often says that when she can help other owners experience their own breakthroughs, or bring their business to the next level and keep it flourishing, it is for her a true definition of success!

The Team and Our VA Services

Leveraging the skill set and experience of the virtual Operations Genius team partners

What services can we help you with?

  • Digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Video editing and producing
  • Leads generation
  • Content creation and Design
  • IT support and website design
  • Automation and CRM
  • Any other general administration needs

Our Client’s Platforms, Our Tools

Your Projects Come to Life.

Why Partner with Us?
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Customer Case Studies and Testimonials

Tell us about your service requirements

In this 15 minute call, we’ll listen and understand your business needs and we’ll provide answers to questions you may have about our services. Please select your preferred time, date, and timezone in the online calendar by clicking the link below for our call.