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Nancy is a fitness specialist training older people about 60 years and up. Her mantra and work methodology is about fun and friendships and feeling really good about oneself. Before the pandemic, her classes were always full but due to restrictions with physical interactions, her business came from going full blown to absolutely nothing overnight.  Read more ➝

Financials is the most important part of the business. You have to make sure that you keep your machine going by managing your cashflow. But with the pandemic that’s ongoing, what’s the most important thing shall we invest in our business now? Here are 3 suggested areas where we should invest: Invest somewhere with flexible  Read more ➝

The common challenge of businesses right now is that their people don’t know how to do the essentials properly. We are now living in a world where people don’t know how to communicate, complete back office tasks, do marketing and sales, attend to customer needs, and are being forced to have multiple personalities. This being said, we can safely say that it is not the lack of motivation that is becoming the issue but the lack of skills.

A lawyer who only focuses on legal services and cases before are now forced to learn how to do marketing and sales. And this is because of the evolution of the world of entrepreneurs.

We always here people say, “Be the best version of yourself”. But what have you done so far to outdo yourself? To keep your motivation and not to lose track is to make sure that you keep yourself focused on your goal. The goal isn’t to be the best everyday, the goal is to outdo  Read more ➝

In the business world, a lot of people focus on marketing and sales, they need more leads, inquiries, and sales, but none of their leads converts to sales. But we can’t deny the fact that conversion is the key to cashflow! And everything comes from conversion. Some businesses may need more leads and inquiries but  Read more ➝

When launching a project or completing a task, one of the challenges a business owner faces is how to keep the business running even when not around.   Some people find it hard on how and where to start to ensure a flawless and continuous workflow. As we help various clients to have more time  Read more ➝

Michael runs a company called Teamscal. They help people run and grow their small businesses to become medium to large businesses. Most of the time, these businesses grow exponentially but fails to keep the technology behind them get along with the growth. What they do is give these businesses advice and let them understand what  Read more ➝

A.Briefing Shikha is a digital marketer and she helps to empower business owners to track their ideal client and grow their business. Her expertise is into doing digital marketing strategies – right before the development takes place, and she also holds web-related workshops through regular face-to-face and online sessions. Shikha is so passionate with the  Read more ➝

Staying at home out of the normal has given us the opportunity to explore our potentials. Potentials on ourselves, our clients and our employees.   I was surprised when I found out that there are a lot of things that I can do that I haven’t discovered until this pandemic happened. People who are achievers  Read more ➝

A.Briefing – Peter runs a business in coaching for Engineering and Construction field and helps startup businesses as well as established organizations for their bids and projects. He coaches people who want to become high performing teams and want to improve their performance in the same industry. He does the coaching through online or face-to-face.  Read more ➝