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Nancy is a fitness specialist training older people about 60 years and up. Her mantra and work methodology is about fun and friendships and feeling really good about oneself.

Before the pandemic, her classes were always full but due to restrictions with physical interactions, her business came from going full blown to absolutely nothing overnight. So she thought of a way on how to get her classes going on until she thought of doing it through Zoom sessions. 
When she introduced zoom to her class, clients started coming back on board. However, she faced a challenge of convincing her other clients to try the power of technology. She had about three quarters of her clients who were not familiar with computers. And so most of her clients who were used to attending class exercises inside the gym were not aware that she is holding her classes in Zoom.

Learning technology was also her biggest challenge personally and the equipment for her set up. Especially that she is expanding her audience by offering more classes, Nancy has to attend to a lot of things – things that she is really not an expert of – technology. She found out that she needs to take care of her email marketing, social media presence and update her website to attract more trainees.

Nancy needed more time for her growing class and decided to delegate the tasks where technology is involved to Operations Genius. At first, she thought that she can’t do it but when she did, she freed up a few hours of her day, focused more on her Genius and spend more of her time with her clients. 

She was very happy and her nights weren’t as better as before. The best part? Nancy gained her freedom back and did the things that she really wants to do and put out all the ideas she has into reality.